introducing unlosable glasses

beautifully handmade glasses you won't lose

Sealed seamlessly inside every frame are the world's smallest Bluetooth chip to help you find your glasses when they're lost, and notify you if you leave them behind.

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timely and useful

the Tzukuri iOS app

The Tzukuri app and glasses work with your phone to track your glasses location and notify you if you leave them behind.

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Tracks your glasses location when they're nearby.

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Notifies you when you leave your glasses behind.

Locate 3495ca77b7e0bddb353554d08a401c6024b85cd3a77a2c4b8ba9c6bf06c20a3f

Estimates the distance to your glasses to help you find them.

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30 day

battery life

The specially formulated silver zinc battery delivers up to 30 days battery life on a single charge. Silver delivers remarkable safety performance compared to traditional lithium batteries. The glasses can be easily recharged using the included charging dock.

beautifully light

handmade in Sydney

Even with 39 electronic components hidden inside, every pair weighs just 26.5 grams and is superbly comfortable to wear all day long.

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visual indulgence

provided by Carl Zeiss Vision

By using Columbia Resin #39 for our lenses, we deliver 98% optical clarity without the weight of glass. Our sun lenses are all:

  • 100% UVA/UVB protection
  • Polarised
  • Anti-scratch
  • Anti-reflective

little things

for everyday use

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Up to 30 day battery life

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